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Создание второго места жительства


ПОСТОЯННОЕ МЕСТО ЖИТЕЛЬСТВА на Кипре дает гражданам стран, не входящих в ЕС, уникальные преимущества.

Благодаря инвестициям или покупке недвижимости статус резидента может обеспечить непосредственную близость к ЕС для деловых или личных целей.

Benefits of Cyprus

Save Time

save time with direct flight connections to Euriope, Africa and Asia

Low Crime

The lowest crime rate in Europe


One of the most favourable

Visa Entry

1 year multiple entry visa for European countries is straight forward

High Quality

High quality health and education system


Low cost of living for the whole family

Benefits of residency in Cyprus

  • A residence permit is issued after two months for three genrations of your family.
  • The residency permit, enables clients to acquire a second home in Cyprus for life with no requirements for renewal.
  • It is a favourable scheme as there are no residency requirements, other than the mandate of one visit to Cyprus every two years.
  • Actual residency in Cyprus for 7 years over a 10 year period will result in the permit holder behing eligible for citizenship by naturalisation.
  • No additional tax liabilities for your world wide income.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Main applicant in good standing

  • Secured annual income of €30,000

  • A 3 year fixed deposit of €30,000

  • Residential property of €300,000 as a ‘first time’ sale

  • Visit Cyprus once every 2 years

  • Residence Card

Timeline for Application

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