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Establish your company in a tax friendly jurisdiction

Cyprus Company Formation

Registration of Cyprus company

We make it easy to establish a company in Cyprus.

You can either:

  • buy an off the readymade shelf company
  • tailor a Cyprus company.

Readymade shelf company

Our same-day service

allows you buy a pre-registered company which is ready to be acquired and traded instantly. All we require from you is beneficial owners’ names, addresses, passports and curriculum vitae.

Tailor-made company

We advice you for the type of company that suits you best

You will provide us with the company name, the company activities, all Directors, Secretary, shareholder names, addresses and passports. If you wish we can provide a registered office address, nominee secretary, director and shareholders. We obtain approval of the company name (2 working days). Submit MoA and information of company officers and shareholders. Receive company registration and corporate documents (7 -10 working days)

Registration of offshore company

An Offshore Company is a business that has been registered, established or incorporated outside of Cyprus and the country of residence. The benefits include: Manage Risks, Maintain Privacy, Reduce Tax Burden, Protect Assets, Reduce Costs, Enhance Assets, etc.

You can establish an offshore company in prime tax jurisdictions such as the British Virgin Islands, Seychelles, Belize, Panama, Hong Kong, Guernsey, Jersey and Cayman Islands. Please get in touch with us for registering your off shore company, as each jurisdiction process varies to some degree.

Nominee Services

Registered Office

In case you do not maintain a registered office, as per regulation we provide your company address, based in Cyprus. This office holds your register, meeting minutes, company seal and certificates of incorporation. Company Documents may be inspected at the office of the Registrar of Companies. We can ensure complete confidentiality regarding ownership, through the establishment of trust fiduciary agreements, nominees or other companies.

Nominee Secretary

The secretary may be an individual or entity connected with the registered office. The main role of the secretary is to maintain the company’s statutory registers and records in accordance with the laws of Cyprus

Nominee Directors

Using our nominee Directors, majority of Directors will be Cypriot residents, hence your company will be considered a tax resident and protect you from double taxation. For your peace of mind we will provide you with all the necessary documents, including an undated letter of resignation from the nominee directors. We guarantee the appointed Director will solely act on your instruction and have no rights to manage or enter into any contract with your company.

Nominee Shareholders

Using our nominee Shareholders the owners of shares will appear completely anonymous in the public records, these are only disclosed when opening your company bank account and in case of a criminal investigation. Find out more about using our Nominee Services or Immigration which can help you meet this criteria. For your peace of mind we will provide you with a trust deed which allows for dealing with and disposal of assets on instruction. Undated share transfer forms signed, which you can use to transfer the shares back at any time. We do not disclose our clients’ personal information without consent, unless required by the Court of Law or as part of a criminal investigation.

Opening a bank account

You will benefit from the strong relationships we have built with the leading banks across Cyprus. Your company and/or personal bank account can be created without your physical presence in Cyprus. Once there are funds in the account banks can provide debit/ credit cards, internet banking and cheque books

We provide a same day service for opening a bank account if relevant due diligence is in place.

Maintaining your company

  • All Board meetings should be held in Cyprus and they should be properly convened and minuted.
  • All major policy decisions for the company should the taken at theses Board meetings.
  • Wide and general powers of attorney to non-residents should be avoided.
  • The seal of the company should only be authorized to be used in Cyprus.

Virtual Office

We are able to receive postal mail and packages on behalf of your company for pick up from our offices.

Bank Account Management

We maintain your company and/or personal bank account in Cyprus under your instruction without your physical presence. Using our trusted counterparts we are able to assist with all forms of assistance with Accounting (financial statements and annual audits are a requirement), Tax and payroll services.

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